Fellowes Saturn SL 125 Home & Office Laminator Review

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Fellowes Saturn SL 125 Home & Office Laminator is the hot pouch laminator, which was designed to suit the needs of the small office or for the private households. This model of Fellowes laminator is working by means of two heated rolls which are pressing the film to the laminating object and stick them together.

The entry is 12 and half inches wide, which enables to deal with the different types of documents to be laminated: from small badges to the posters and maps or some other documents.

The fellows Saturn pouch laminator is heating up quickly, – it takes up to six minutes for the machine to get ready for the process of lamination and, plus to that, the temperature may be controlled. You will know when the laminator is ready to use by the green lamp which will turn on and the beep signal that will let you know that the machine may start lamination. The speed of lamination is very high – your document will be laminated and safe in about one minute. This laminating is supplied with the safe option of controlling the regimes of temperature.

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The machine stays cold outside, while inside there is a process of hot lamination, so that it enables to touch it during the work without danger. This tiny model does not have any carrier, and it is supplied with 3 or 5mil pouch.

Fellowes Saturn SL 125 Home & Office Laminator Features

  • Developed for apps up to 12 in. wide
  • Page-size lamination in less than 1 minute
  • Heats-up in only 6 minutes using advanced heat control regarding consistent lamination quality
  • Stand-up ft for wrap-around cable and best storage
  • Take handle for effortless portability and Anti-jamming launch lever
  • Developed for small office functions
  • 12-1/2 In. entrance width accommodates several page sizes
  • Hot lamination for 3- or 5-mil films; prepared in 5 minutes
  • HeatGuard Technology maintains temperature inside of laminator so it’s cool to touch
  • Launch lever disengages film for re-centering or removing

Fellowes Saturn SL 125 Home & Office Laminator Reviews

There is a special release handle which enables to keep the pouch safe from being de-centered; there is also an option which protects your documents from jamming by means of forward-release switcher.

Fellowes Saturn SL 125 pouch laminator has the modern design, it has the grey color. There is the manufacturer’s two-year warranty for this model.

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With Fellowes Saturn SL 125 pouch laminator you will be able to laminate any projects and materials, which you want to be safely covered and used for a long time.

This model of laminating pouch is supplied with the comfortable handle, which allows taking the machine with you if needed and it is done in modern grey color, which will suit any interior.

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Fellowes Saturn SL 125 Home & Office Laminator

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