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Fellowes Voyager 125 Laminator is the professional solution for the large offices which may deal with heavy duties and provide a very high quality of lamination. It consists of four rolls, which provide a very good pressure, avoid any possible waves on the surface and can manage the lamination of very thin documents around 10 mils thick. Its exclusive innovative features include autolam option which controls and adjusts the most suitable regimes for each laminated material and document. The four rolls are moving by means of belts, which provide the best performance and avoid jamming of the laminated document. The other modern technology which is used in this model of pouch laminator is managing the heat control to provide the safe and effective maintenance.

There are regimes for the manual adjusting as well, if the document needs some special features. In case of any bad feeds or overloads, there is the special automatic reverse option available, which will control the correctness of feeding and will automatically remove the document if needed.

The Fellowes Voyager Laminator was designed in the way that it is very quickly warming to be ready to use, and it laminates the documents for extremely short periods of time. For example, it will take half a minute for this machine to finish the lamination of the small size document.

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Fellowes Voyager 125 Laminator Features

  • The best high-efficiency laminator for big offices
  • 4-roller system for excellent results on papers close to 10 mil thick
  • Unique AutoLam Technology self-sets to best laminating setting for the pouch and doc a person work with
  • Innovative belt drive transport system leads page through laminator for successful, jam-free performance
  • Control panel would make laminating simple and trouble-free

Fellowes Voyager 125 Laminator Reviews

There is a modern blue LED lighted control panel with the screen which is showing the process and the regimes. The laminator will let you know when it is ready to start or when the task is finished.

Fellowes Voyager 125 Laminator is designed in the way that any user may open it or take of any parts in case it needs cleaning or there is something to be adjusted inside. The machine has special sensors for detecting any dirt or unwanted glue spreading.

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The automatic shut off option provides the energy safe work, so that the laminator will turn off automatically if you forgot to switch it off.

Fellowes Voyager 125 Laminator is the pouch laminator for professionals which performs the highest level of lamination.

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Fellowes Voyager 125 Laminator

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