What Is Hot Lamination And Cold Lamination?

hot film laminate

Roll laminators are mostly used for professional purposes, they may be of two types: heated roll laminators (thermal or hot laminator) and cold roll laminators.

Hot Lamination

Hot laminator (or thermal roll laminator) is working in the way that the heated rolls are making the glue active; it is melting and covering the film, which is then getting stuck to the card, paper or fabrics by means of pressing rollers. The laminated documents are better protected from being screwed or jammed they also live longer and are protected from dirt and the light. Roll laminators may be also used for industrial purposes, and in most of the cases are used for professional actions, when the high quality is needed and the number of laminated products is very high. The hot laminator is usually much cheaper than the cold ones. They are very quick, the machine just needs some time to heat up and melt the needed amount of glue.

Most of the commonly used laminators are consisting of two rolls, one of which is under and the other one in the top area, so that the substrate will be equally pressed and glued along the whole surface. The films for the laminating process may be of different sizes as well as the core size which may also vary. The film for thermal laminators may also vary in width, thickness and diameter.

Most of the models of roll laminators are varying from medium-width to wide format. The size of the medium width roll laminators is from 12 to 27 inches. The wide ones are from 30 to 60 inches.

hot cold lamination

The hot laminator for thermal process is easy to manage and simple in using machine. Some of the latest models may be used under the lower temperatures of heating to avoid the smells and lower the costs for electricity. The medium sized laminators may be warming up for less than a minute. The reverse option may help to stop the laminated document from possible jamming.

Some of the industrial type thermal roll laminators have the integrated control panel which allows to control the levels of temperature during the laminating process. The large thermal laminators are usually designed in the ergonomic way to make it fit in any space or interior, there are usually the comfortable side handles available for possible removing of the machine.

Cold Lamination

Cold roll laminators are used in the processes with those laminated materials which cannot be heated because of the colors or the type of the materials. Such laminating process may be applied in sticking different surfaces in outdoor advertising, laminating the films on the signs. Cold roll lamination process is not so expensive. There is no glue used in the process, but the film’s back is taken off and the film is fixed and stuck together with the laminated piece. The colors of modern inkjet printers are usually cannot be heated, so in these cases cold roll lamination is definitely needed. Thermal laminators are speedier but cold laminators may deal with the materials which may be damaged by the heat.